Our Mission and Belief

Helena House of Hope's mission is giving help to adult orphans aged between 18 and 25. Many orphans were abandoned and left in the care of orphanages at an early age for various disabilities such as cheilopalatognathus, hand or foot malformation, dysopia, congenital organ agenesis and albinism. Now entering adulthood, they are faced with great challenges because they have no proper educational qualifications, nor particular skills. Physically disabled and sensitive to and afraid of the outside world, they do not have the courage to enter society.

Recognizing the plight these adult orphans are facing, we are keen to give them a hand when they are coming to the turning point of their lives. We provide them with all sorts of assistance such as psychological guidance, work skills training and education so as to promote their capabilities in various aspects, instil in them confidence to be independent and develop the qualities to live an independent life, so that they will be able to better integrate into society and have the confidence and capability to enter the outside world and live a genuinely independent life.