Helena House of Hope and Care Foundation

Helena's House of Hope (HHH) was established in 2007 to provide hope, opportunities and a productive future for orphans. HHH evolved from our initial work in the 1990's with underprivileged groups. We became increasingly aware of the need to provide support and assistance to orphans which led to a full time commitment and eventually establishing HHH. In the spring of 2010 we formalized the organization by becoming a Hong Kong Charity.

We realize it is difficult for orphans to develop the skills that are necessary to live independent lives, and it is an even greater challenge when they are disabled. Because they spend their entire lives isolated in an orphanage, they know very little about the outside world and lack the confidence or ability to integrate into society. Without the influence from family or guidance from life coaches these young people live their lives in their own way. As one of them put it, “We didn’t know what’s right or what’s wrong - we just did whatever we wanted to.”

After leaving the orphanages many orphans have no skills to earn a job so they lose confidence. They are ill prepared for life outside the orphanage and they lead aimless lives. Some become vagrants or are lead astray committing crimes. An untold number commit suicide as a result of the despair and isolation they feel.

Helena's House of Hope exists to provide hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Our initial program in 2007 provided assistance to a dozen physically challenged young people. When we first met the orphans we thought some were mentally disabled and we were concerned if we would be able to effectively help them. Later we realized it was because they were so timid with strangers - they dared not look at them in the eye. For two years we gave them love, respect, care, shared the meaning of life, imparted knowledge, educational support, and provided training in life skills. The transformations were wonderful and numerous positive changes occurred in their lives which greatly encouraged us. After 2 years of training, four girls married, three stayed in their counties and began their working careers, four went to work in Shanghai and another three enrolled in colleges.

It is our desire to continue to make a difference in the lives of orphans by equipping them to become part of society rather than be cast out and isolated from the world. We are eager to guide and assist them to become productive members of their community. As we share our hopes and experiences, we strive to help them lay a solid foundation for their lives in order that they can be blessed with eternal happiness.


Helena House of Hope is run by a Management Committee on a volunteer basis so all donations go to the orphans in China.

The founder of Helena House of Hope is Helena Wong who had 30 years of educational experience. She fell in love with the orphans of China ten years ago and decided to devote her life to bringing them a new future. Her first successful case was a burnt victim and who has now graduated from college and working in China. Inspired by this, Helena worked and advised in orphanages in Beijing and Shijiazhuang for over 10 years.

This Spring, friends of like mind set up a charity in Helena's name to help further her work on adult orphans.

The chairlady of Helena House of Hope is Deborah Leung Lui who is an accountant by profession and is also involved as an advisor for tertiary education and professional accounting bodies in Hong Kong.Deborah is devoted to nurturing young adults to develop their potentials. She sees such a vast need in China to support adult orphans who have nowhere to go and has a special heart for those who are mildly handicapped.

Treasurer - Renzo Liu
Renzo is an accountant and pleased to serve and support the mission of Helena House of Hope.

Administrator - Chun-chun Chan.
Chun chun is a professional secretary and volunteers her time to support Helena House of Hope.

Advisor - Jennifer Shum who also chairs similar charities and has a heart for the orphans of China. She particularly focuses on babies needing sugeries in rural China.

Ambassadors also serve Helena House of Hope and they visit the orphans and spend time with the orphans and offer free training courses.