Does Helena House of Hope receive disabled orphans only?
We give disabled orphans priority, but do not receive disabled orphans only. Among the orphans we have helped, some are now in normal conditions after undergoing corrective operations when they were very young. Many of them, however, are psychologically “disabled” because the special circumstances in which they grew up have left mental scars on them. To these orphans, we are also ready to give assistance.

Do you receive mentally challenged orphans?
Given the limitation in funds and capability, currently we only receive adult orphans with normal IQ who can look after themselves.

What is the age range of children you receive?
Children above 18 years old brought up in orphanages who have completed secondary education.

How long does your training programme run for adult orphans?
One year or two years.
After they leave Helena, however, our house is still open to them. Some children doing university courses would come back and get together with us on weekends and holidays. We welcome them back so that they can feel the warmth of home. On the other hand, they can share their experiences with our new members.

How can I make sure that my donation has gone to the adult orphans?
We keep accounts with all the expenses recorded in detail. All the accounts are transparent and open. If any donors have particular requirements for their donations, we will use the donations in strict compliance with their wishes and provide corresponding supportings for all the expenses.