"Since 1999 I have supported or served various organizations, large and small, which care for orphans. They are all making a positive difference in the lives of the children. However, I am confident that my small investment of resources is yielding the greatest return, both on earth and eternally, through Helena's House of Hope. Terry and Jessie Branem are the heart of the organization and serve with wisdom, integrity, honesty and humility.

I have just returned to the U.S.A. after a 2 week stay with the girls at HHH. The transformations are astounding! One year ago they were holding their heads down in shame, could not look into the eyes of others, have a conversation, or even consider living or working independently. Now, every girl is moving towards restoration and wholeness as their hurts and pain of the past are being washed away by the love, hope and training programs that HHH provides. Consistency and sincerity are demonstrated through Terry and Jessie and are a critical component to the success of the lives of these young adults.

It is my joy and privilege to continue to partner with them!"

Laurie St. Denis
Seeds of Hope China

"The times I have spent with those in Helena’s House of Hope have been a blessing to my own life. Spending time with each of the girls, laughing, hanging out, learning English together, and walking around the city reminded me of the simple and precious joys of friendship and sisterhood. Although I was there to teach English, I felt that I had learned much from them. Our times reminded me that the most happy things in life don’t have to be grand or expensive.
Hearing the stories of each girl have also touched my life with a depth that I have not experienced before. After spending time with Terry and Jessie, as well as the girls in their care, I have realized how much hope and love one person can pour out to others, and how big of a impact one can have on the life of another person. My experience at Helena’s House of Hope has changed my life and the way that I hope to spend the time that I am given. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to be in the lives of those at Helena’s House of Hope, and I wish to see each girl mature, full of the beauty that hope can bring."

Virginia Perng

"My daughters and I came with a crew of middle school aged children recruited to help get a jump start on yard and kitchen clean up at a newly formed home for aged 18+ orphaned children. After being in the company of Jessie, Terry, Tia and Nancy for 6 hours, I felt led to ask if I could somehow become involved with their vision for the girls whom they would welcome into their home.

Their first two girls, Julie and Abby are beautiful people. The girl’s openness and confidence has blossomed. They can now look me in the eyes, welcome a hug, and laugh and joke, Abby and Julie have had a few medical concerns over these months, and together Jessie and Terry find ways to take care of them with the genuine concern of parents. The girls have become invested in stretching and exercising to enable them to walk with less energy consumption and their speed has improved markedly. They have even recruited Terry as an exercise coach, so fitness is now a family affair!

Nancy came with Jessie and Terry from a previous home, and assures that the running of the house continues whether Terry and Jessie are home or off on an errand managing business. Tia, their 3 year old, adds to the mix of family, and all the older girls act as her big sister. It’s a very healthy environment to learn security, love, commitment and discipline. As a testament to Terry and Jessie’s success, "graduates" from their previous home chose to come stay and visit when they are able.

I am looking forward to watching Helena House of Hope grow to offer 15 disabled, orphaned adults the assistance they need to mature into loving, confident and productive young woman.

It is my honor to be a part of the girl’s amazing metamorphosis."

Alison Dillemuth